About company

G.L. Electronic

G.L. Electronic is an independent Czech company that has been offering the complete implementation of Hi-Rel electronic devices and wiring harnesses in the aerospace industry for over 12 years. The production and integration of individual devices take place within the ESA standards and ECSS standards in certified cleanroom ISO 8.

We provide technical and consulting support in the field of design, production, testing and integration of flight devices.

Since 2019 we offer testing services in clean and laboratory premises in Brno.

Cooperation with G.L. Electronic guarantees:

  • High level of quality
  • Small-series precision production
  • Flexibility to customer requirements, tailor-made solutions
  • Ability to react quickly to production changes or alternatives
  • The opportunity to come and see the course of production
  • Information protection, documentation guaranteeing customer data security
  • High level of certifications for production areas and operators

Our aims

Based on our experience and investment in the company, we are currently able to implement the entire assembly process and relatively wide range of flight equipment and harness testing to ECSS ESA standards. The main goal is to offer our service in aerospace projects to the widest possible spectrum of companies and institutions while ensuring high reliability and quality of relized scientific as well as comercial flight devices. As experienced subcontractor, we strive for the broadest possible interconnection with academic institutions and industrial companies in the space activities segment with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

We would like to be actively involved in projects such as Hera, Galileo, Plato, Copernicus-SENTINEL, Triton X, VEGA C/E, Ariane 6, Comet Interceptor, FORUM, Athena, ARIEL etc.


Cleanroom: ISO 8, class 100 000

Continuous temperature, humidity and overpressure measurement: 22°C ± 3°C / 55% ± 15% / 12 Pa <

Continuous dust measurement: with 3 channel laser dust particle meter according to ECSS criteria and ISO 8 standard

Overall size: 210 m² (164 m² for assembly area, 46 m² for warehouse)

Integration hall of class ISO 8 with a crane of 2000 kg capacity, which is qualified for flight HW integration. The facility is the largest of its kind in the region. We manage this facility in cooperation with SAB Aerospace.

ESA certificates of technicians of

Cat.2 & Cat.3:

  • ECSS-Q-ST-70-08
  • ECSS-Q-ST-70-26
  • ECSS-Q-ST-70-28
  • ECSS-Q-ST-70-38

ESA entity code


SMD verification according to ESA and CNES

  • DELTA Verification process of SMD hand soldering of flight level PCB (ESA), 10/2019
  • Verification process of SMD hand soldering of flight level PCB (ESA), 3/2018
  • Verification process of SMD hand soldering of flight level PCB (CNES), 6/2015


EU funding

Project: Analytics and testing of ultralight cable harnesses for aerospace applications

„Number of the project CZ.01.1.02/0.0./16_092/0010065“

 List of acquired devices within the program Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost / POTENCIÁL – III. VÝZVA