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Current projects

SSMS Vega POC Dispenser

The main projects on which G.L. Electronic cooperates, belongs dispenser to the top of the Vega rocket (Vega C). This unique design makes it possible to carry up to sixteen satellites simultaneously, making space available to companies and scientific institutions that cannot afford to launch their own rocket. G.L. Electronic realizes the complete production and integration of wiring harnesses and sensors. U

On September 3, 2020, the Vega rocket successfully delivered a dispenser with 53 small satellites into space.

CIMR (Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer)

In 2021, we will begin working with Thales Alenia Space on a new CIMR project in the framefork of the Copernicus Sentinel program. Data from the Copernicus Sentinel program helps address challenges such as urbanization, food security, rising sea levels, reducing polar ice, natural disasters and, of course, climate change.

The program is therefore generally intended to research the Earth from space, and specifically CIMR will then monitor, for example, the salinity of the sea surface. G.L. Electronic will ensure the complete implementation of cable harnesses and their testing. The purpose of the wiring harness is to create the required electrical connection between all the electrical equipment of the CIMR platform.

JUICE – Low Frequency Receiver & Medium Gain Antenna Subsystem and

Recently G.L. Electronic is working on a Low Frequency Receiver with the Academy of Sciences (UFA). LRF serves as a digital wave analyzer and is part of the RPWI (Radio and Plasma Waves Investigation) instrument. G.L. Electronic ensures the qualification of components and the manufacturing of electrical equipment.

The Medium Gain Antenna Major Assembly (MGAMA) is a biaxial steerable antenna that provides communication between JUICE and Earth. G.L. Electronic worked in cooperation with the Spanish company Sener on the production of cable harnesses.

ROSE-L (Radar Observing System for Europe – L-Band)

The 6 new Copernicus Sentinel missions also include ROSE-L program. ROSE-L or Sentinel 12 will be used to support forestry, to monitor the decline and moisture content of the soil, etc. The mission will also contribute to the monitoring of polar ice sheets and ice caps, the extent of sea ice in the polar region and seasonal snow.

In 2021, we will start working on a mission with Airbus, for which we will provide a set of cable harnesses for the antenna, which is part of the SAR device providing the connection between the individual antenna panels. This wiring harness provides a connection between the units within the SAR for digital and low frequency signals.

National Advanced Optical System

The NAOS (National Advanced Optical System) is a high-resolution Luxembourg reconnaissance satellite designed for government and military use. The satellite will provide global coverage and will be able to capture more than a hundred images a day.

G.L. Electronic will manufacture EGSE test cables for this satellite for OHB-I.

The NAOS will weigh approximately 600 kg at its planned launch in 2022 and is designed to have a nominal service life of at least 7 years once positioned in a sun-synchronous orbit at around 500 km.