G.L. Electronic as a qualified Hi-Rel company, provides complete implementation of electronic instruments and wiring harnesses for space projects. We provide design solutions, purchase with certification of used materials, complete manufacturing documentation, final electrical tests, visual control of all production steps throughout the entire production process. The Production is focused on manual assembly and mounting of electronic components on printed circuit boards (for levels BB, EM, EQM, FM) according to ECSS standards. The company also specializes in the production , testing and qualificaton of cable harnesses, both signal and power cables, as well as conductors and sensors. We also provide complete realization of qualified gluing of components with the possibility of applying the final surface treatment to protect the components on the printed circuit board.

Examples of final satellite integration of harness on satellite

  • Technical support for the final installation of P-POD for nano satellites (cubes 10 x 10  cm) in Kourou on French Guyana
  • SSIS – VERTA / VESPA: manufacturing of the harness for space vehicle separation system and sensors (satellite Proba V), final integration in CSG – French Guyana
  • Project EDRS-C with OHB: manufacturing of cable harnesses and final installation on the satellite in OHB-Bremen
  • Project MTG with OHB: manufacturing of cable harnesses and final installation on the satellite in OHB-Bremen
  • SSMS VEGA PoC, project with SAB Aerospace for ESA/AVIO: production of cable harnesses and final integration of cable harnesses on dispenser in Brno facilities


G.L. Electronic performs a complete Hi–Rel production of wiring harnesses and electronic assemblies, e.g. rack cabinets, control panels etc., which are used in aerospace, military and measuring technology.

  • The entire production process is monitored and verified by quality control.
  • The production is carried out by certified operators and quality managers.
  • All incoming materials are always internally inspected.
  • We use calibrated assembly and measuring tools for manufacturing operations.
  • We provide testing of cable harnesses and if requested we also offer crimped joint microsection analysis and mechanical tensile test of crimped and solder joints.
  • We deliver production protocols with output CoC for realized cables.

Measuring and testing

  • Electrical testing of cable harnesses: continuity test, isolation test and double-wire measuring. Adaptronic NT600
  • Wire tension test: max. 2,5kN. Mecmesin MultiTest-dV
  • Testing in the vacuum chamber: max. 0,01 mbar, +5°C to +200°C. Binder VD
  • Testing in the climate chamber: -70°C to +180°C, 150 l. Temperature range: -55°C to +100°C – 9 K/min, +100°C to -55°C – 9 K/min. Weiss
  • Microsection of crimped joints, PCB and electrical components. Setocom
  • Endoscopic visual inspection: HD resolution. Output: photo and video. Flexivision 100
  • Portable 3-channel laser meter of dust particles. Measurement range: 0.3µm, 0.5µm, 5.0µm. Kanomax 3887

We provide full technical support and complete reporting according to the aerospace standard for individual measurements by these devices.


MIL Materials Store for Cable Harnesses and Test Boxes

We provide mechanical box adjustment (holes for fitting) and Engraving of black anodized aluminum  


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